“To promote regeneration of an area of receding gums, Dr Reza used a sophisticated technique involving the application of a skin graft to the affected area.
He displayed considerable skill and patience and took meticulous care throughout the lengthy procedure during which he removed a small piece of flesh from one area of the palate and grafted it to the receding area.

The procedure was carried out in such a gentle and considerate manner that I was relaxed enough to doze off for periods.
Dr Reza’s aftercare ensured that there were no complications- specified instructions as to teeth cleaning and mouth care and follow-up visits for inspection of the progress of the graft and for cleaning of the teeth.

The graft has been a complete success and I recommend that anyone requiring a similar operation should seek out his services.”

Peter Stapleton

“In 1974, I moved with my husband to Peacehaven and we signed up for the above practice.
The thing that struck us both was that it was like stepping back to the 1950’s. the place, the décor and the dental equipment seemed to be stuck in a time warp. It was very basic.

Over the years, not a lot changed except different dentists and the replacement of furniture with “flat pack” type furniture. It was still in need of modernisation.
In 2004, with the arrival of Dr Reza Takhayori, all of this changed and we have a dental surgery firmly rooted in the 21st Century.
On entering the surgery, it is modern, the staff are efficient and always polite.

Dr Takhayori is always professional polite and courteous and shows a real interest in every patient. The equipment is modern and Dr Takhayori uses this to best effect including instant photographs “digital radiographs” of your teeth to indicate what treatment if any, is required..
Dr Takhayori has also built up a relationship with the Periodontology Department at Guys Hospital, London. Indeed, my husband is at present receiving treatment there as a result of being referred there. How good is that!

This is the number one practice in Peacehaven and the surrounding area. Why go anywhere else?”

Christine Twibill

“We have been patients at Peacehaven Dental Practice since the early 1970’s. Now, for the first time since Mr Arun Thakur’s retirement, we have a really good dentist again. Mr Reza Takhayori has a most gentle and reassuring manner and carefully explains the proposed treatment. He will always answer any questions fully and patiently. The equipment is technically up-to-date and the standard of hygiene could not be better. We both always have regular check-ups and as we are getting older a certain amount of treatment is necessary. We both agree that those visits have been the most painless we have ever experienced! We can wholeheartedly recommend that any dental problems be taken to Mr Takhayori.”

Mavis and Peter Norman